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30 August 2011 @ 05:13 pm
14 year old me  

As much as I like to supress the 14-year-old-squee-at-everything-teenage-girl in me, sometimes I just can't do it.  Squeeing over every man I see isn't my thing, but squeeing over men who have big hearts is. At the sound of the name "Tariq Sims" I go weak at the knees. For a 22 year old NRL player, he doesn't seem right. When every other 22 year old player is out partying and celebrating (it's a pretty realistic view), Tariq is out there with kids, making them smile. He asked for a special role in the community that the Cowboys are involved with so he could spend extra time with the kids. To me, that's not just something small. The fact that he's only so young and already giving his time to sick kids just because it makes them smile is just mind blowing. He is nominated for the Ken Stephens medal which is given to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the community. He is nominated among the likes of Preston Campbell, Dene Halatau, Luke Douglas. These men and previous recipients such as Ruben Wiki, Steve Price, Andrew Ryan and Hazem El Masri are men who are very well known for their community work. To be held in a similar light to them, this man has a very big heart. I just can't look past the fact that he is so genuinely caring and compassionate. Then you see him on the footy field, this massive monstrous thing that runs at everything that moves, skill, speed (for a second rower), strength, there's not much more you could ask for in a footy player. Now this is the bit where I admit that I swoon at the way he looks too. But hey, he DOES look quite good. Just take a look for yourself :)             

He makes my heart melt. The fact that he's fractured his tibia and fibula and is out for the season really upsets me. I hope he recovers quickly so he can get back on the field (read: on my tv screen for me to see). Even though Dene and Presto are nominated for the Ken Stephens medal, and they have done some amazing things, I hope either Tariq or Martin Kennedy (another young one from the Roosters) get it because it's important to let the younger players see that they can actually use their status for good at a very young age.  This post was basically for me to squee some more over Tariq, really. I'll somehow handle his adorable-ness. 

boulted.: Fashion → Tatjana → Smokingbergusia on August 30th, 2011 07:52 am (UTC)
There's nothing wrong with a squee post. Even more so since you didn't actually squee that much, but actually explained everything in a very refined manner. ;)