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24 September 2011 @ 11:42 pm
Brothers from another mother  

I couldn't put it better than "brothers from another mother", I am so happy for these boys. I don't think I could have this much joy in my heart for a team other than my own. When Lewis Brown scored that try I was clapping and screaming like it was someone in the blue and what that'd just crossed that line. The look on their faces, the joy in their hearts, it touched me. I really think they deserve all this, and more. I will without a doubt be cheering them on through to the the grand final. They deserve all the respect from the Australian fans. They're better than so many of the Australian teams, everyone needs to see that. And they're all so loveable. That Shaun Johnson kid has a very bright future ahead, what a freak. Get ready to smash Manly boys. All the best. 
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