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03 April 2011 @ 05:44 pm
It ain't about the pretty boys  
I've had it. This is what the NRL is about, the gutts, and the glory that comes after. Not about the pretty faces. I admit, there are pretty faces to be admired, and I admire many, but there are also beautiful souls without the pretty faces, they don't deserved to be loved by the fans? For me, they are why I watch and follow this game. If I wanted to see pretty faces I'd watch a modelling show or go watch a movie. Rugby league is when men, of all sizes (relatively), colours, religions and origins get to go onto a field and square it up for 80 minutes, to show they're talent. It's not a battle of who's prettier. Why am I ranting on about this? because I made a Tumblr. That's right. (I don't intend on leaving but) It's basically, girls admiring players and teams for their prettiness (other than Darren Lockyer), where the Sharks and Cowboys don't have supporters because they're "shit", where retired players are forgotten after their last game (same with players going off to England). Maybe it's just me, but once I get to know a player, no matter how ugly they look, how tiny they are, I tend to admire them as a person, and no matter where they go, if they leave in respect, I keep them in my heart. If they go off to England, I don't forget their names, or if they played for my team or not, if they retire, I'll always hold them with utmost respect. Girls on Tumblr (bar a few rare gems) don't do this. I joined Tumblr thinking I'll get to share thoughts with people who are interested in the same thing as me, and are as crazy as I am about one team, and winning a game. But no. I got things wrong. Some of these girls are Union converts, and I know there are genuine people who follow both League and Union, and bless them, but these girls converted to League because they think "Tim Moltzen is a cutie", really now? I think Tim Cahill is attractive, maybe I shall convert to Soccer? Oh and Usman Khawaja's pretty cute too, maybe I'll skip soccer for Cricket. Seriously. In my honest opinion, half these pretty boys shouldn't even be on the field, they don't have the talent to play with talented men like Todd Carney (Daniel Conn). There was a massive Cooper Cronk and Billy Slater spam on my dashboard today, that was the last straw, I hit the unfollow button. I'm actually quite proud of myself. Tumblr is somewhere where I should be able to share common interests with others, not have to look at things that make me want to hurl.
The other pet peeve of mine is people "following" numerous teams. One question, what happens when the two teams face off? Which one do you support? The one with the 2 hot players or the one you started following since you were young? I love the Bulldogs, and that's it. Yes, there are other teams that I respect, like the Roosters, Canberra and now the Sharks, but I don't LOVE any of these teams, I never could. Knowing that the Bulldogs give their heart and soul playing for their fans I couldn't let them go. My team ain't the prettiest, by any stretch, but I love every single one of those boys that put on the jersey (sometimes I even make an exception for Garry Warburton, now that's rare), when Matt Utai stepped out in that Orange and black jersey for the Tigers, I cringed. Matt Utai is a Bulldog, and I love him. People seem to let go of players so easily, maybe because they don't pay attention to half the team that is not attractive?
I give up. I reckon slowly my Tumblr will become a picture blog, and that all the "footy related" (an actual deconstruction of a game or an individual or a team) will not be there. I'm glad I got to experience this, because from now on, I know what to expect from 14, 15 year old girls that follow the football. I've never followed footy for the attractive men, so I don't understand the obsession. Each to their own. And I've learnt my lesson.
PS: Today, I went bike riding to the airport area with my Bulldogs t-shirt on, and some cute little kid noticed and shouted "hey, GO THE DOGGIES!". I smiled like an idiot.
Oh and something I realised, if Taniela Tuiaki had not retired and prior to retirement, been sidelined with injury, the douche-bag that is Beau Ryan would never have been in the TIgers' side. I hope the Tigers buy a decent winger soon, so I don't have to see that idiot's face on my television (other than the footy show, which I have given up on ).
I rant a lot :)
boulted.: NRL → SYD → Todd & Pearcey ♥ (So Close)bergusia on April 6th, 2011 08:06 pm (UTC)
(I can't believe it's back, and it's loading, and it lets me click cuts without exploding, and even leave comments. So yeah, squeeee!)

You know what I think about all of this, hun, and without wanting to aggrandize myself here, I'm just going to assume that I'm one of those few girls who are not only awesome (duh!), but who also genuinely follow the sport of rugby league as well as the sport of rugby union as well as cricket (which by the way will be my downfall, I'm telling you), yes? Yes. Of course this isn't my place to be proud of you for anything, but I am proud of you for having hit the "unfollow" button. Not because I enjoy seeing you getting so annoyed that even your kind soul can't help itself anymore and makes you click that button, but because I'd like you to enjoy your blog more. You have little time as it is, you don't need to spend it being pissed off, no? I remember when I once made the mistake of saying that I had a thing for Phil Graham, must've been early in the 2010 season: I wish you could've been there to witness the shitstorm that broke out then. Not only do I have issues with those things you listed, with girls following footy (or any sport for that matter) because of the more or less hot guys and through that making people like you and me look either bad or like complete freaks, but I also have a major issue with the complete lack of respect for other people's opinions. Sometimes when I go on Twitter in the morning and scroll down a bit, I do say "What the fuck is wrong with you?" out loud, because: seriously. Haven't their parents taught them any manners? As in something called "basic human decency"? I really don't need people to agree with me (especially not when they only agree with me for agreement's sake, and not because they mean it), hell, I love a good discussion, but this petty putting people down spiel we have going on in our "community", it really goes on my last nerve.

I don't have a second team, you know that, but I have two teams I enjoy watching (apart from your boys, naturally ♥), or used to enjoy watching. The Raiders and the Warriors. Now with Joel gone, and with the way the Raiders have handled him and the situation, I always feel weird watching the Raiders, I can't help it. Many Raiders supporters have forgot about him already, even more so since he agreed on that new deal, but for me, it's different. I'm going to Warrington in June to see him play, I'm going to attend the England v Exiles match as well, only to see him play, because that's how I view it. You either feel affiliated with someone or you don't. And it's not just a question of a jersey, it's also a question of history and fond memories and all these things, no? Like with you and Matt Utai. Of course it matters to you that he wears the wrong jersey, of course you cringed and will continue to cringe in the future, but he's still your Matt Utai, and that's what he's always going to be. And that's what made you cringe. I don't get how you can just turn your back on players that were forced out of the club, for example. If a player leaves in the manner that Greg Inglis he deserves to be forgotten and spat at, no doubt about it, but players who had to leave because of the salary cap or because of a stupid photo - how can you just forget about them and move on? And in the same breath, how can you stick to code whores like KHunt, and still support that mercenary a*se? I really just need someone to explain this to me, so I can maybe get it.

Edited at 2011-04-06 08:07 pm (UTC)
boulted.: RFU → Saints → Dylan → Contemplative (NTbergusia on April 6th, 2011 08:08 pm (UTC)
(The original comment had too many characters, so I had to split it.)

Also, I really don't want to get all "gossipy" on you, but did you see Yasmine having a whinge about people attacking Melbourne and calling them cheats and wondering how much they paid the referees? And also that girl who had a lengthy whinge about it on Tumblr as well, about the rest of the world having a go at true Melbourne fans blablabla? First of all, "true Melbourne fans" has to be the oxymoron of the century, there's simply no such thing. And secondly, none of us are having a go at the sodding Storm because we're bored or jealous or whatever, WE ACTUALLY HAVE REASONS TO DO SO, IDIOTS. (Apologies for the caps.) As you said, each to their own, definitely, but at least have some self-respect then and don't attack us normal people with good memories of what happened last year in April, sorry.

You're very right about Taniela Tuiaki, poor guy. He definitely would be playing ahead of Beau Ryan, no doubt about it. Remember that one episode of the Footy Show where Benji and Lote were guests and Beau sat in the audience as Donnie Palmer? When Benji said that soon it was going to be "Beau Knows NSW Cup" when Taniela Tuiaki was back? Beau didn't find that funny at all, not even remotely, and forced some awkward laugh. And I absolutely love that little kid shouting at you, those accidental encounters are the most beautiful, don't you think?

And, last but not least, you are very welcome to join The Dark Side, even if only because Usman Khawaja is so adorable. I won't tell anyone, I promise. ;P
17inthekennel17inthekennel on April 11th, 2011 03:41 am (UTC)
First thing, I replied to this one because it's the last comment (and because that guy looks an awful lot like Greg Eastwood, whom I miss very much at the moment.) Now that we have that out of the way.
YES, I think you are the only one to whom that criteria could apply, awesome and follows every sport under the sun with the greatest passion. I'm very glad I unfollowed some people, I think I might go on another unfollowing spree very soon, sadly. I want to follow people that are maybe different, not footy based. I joined Tumblr thinking there'll be GIRLS who'll understand footy like me, but obviously not. So I'm going to follow a variety of other tumblrs and follow some, decent and sane footy followers. Genuine question- What’s wrong with Phil Graham? Is he not pretty enough or something? Gahhh. I don’t even want to go to twitter, the amount I tweet is basically one tweet once I get on, one tweet when I get off (and other than you, barely anyone takes note of it, so meh) , replies to people that I regularly talk to in the middle, and maybe some random tweets here and there. The only time I really tweet like crazy is during the footy, when I’m watching. And just quietly, I only watch Bulldogs games these days, and some Roosters and Sharks, other than that, I think I’ve managed to find one person in each team that absolutely shits me enough not to watch the game. I’m such a good fan. But I have a legitimate reason for this all, I don’t have time. The only TV I watch these days is footy and my 1 hour a week dosage of Hawaii Five 0. Uni is keeping me very busy. People on twitter are rather rude, I think the reason I’m still on there is because I follow almost half the Bulldogs squad on there (and people like you) and interacting with them is always nice. We’ve had this conversation so many times, but it just seems like people these days, especially girls are losing their manners and behaving almost like wild animals.

There’s “I enjoy watching them play” and there’s “OMG I got a poster of ---- on my wall, OMG --- looks so good in it”, two VERY different concepts. I enjoy watching your boys play, and the Sharkies too these days, but the only posters on my walls are in blue and white. Oh and I don’t have two different jerseys for two different teams either. How the hell does that even work?! I miss Monas too :( I think I’ve said this before, but he’s one of those that try too hard to “be cool” but doesn’t need to be, because he’s such a beautiful human being (other than being silly on certain occasions). I HATE how people move on so quickly, I really do, maybe it’s just me, but I hang on to basically every single person that’s ever played for my team. (I think if SBW begged and apologised from the bottom of his heart – I don’t actually know what that would mean- and asked to come back, I might begin to forget things. That’s how much I love these bloody idiots). Karmichael Hunt’s code skipping is very similar, if not worse than what Willie Mason did, and I absolutely despise the man, I don’t get how one can still like KHunt, no matter how much you loved him in the first place. Let’s take SBW again, I used to worship the ground he walked on, no joke, I watched every interview, read every article, I still have an article collection of him when he was still at the Bulldogs. But when he left, the amount of pain it put me through, and the club through, how could I continue to love him? KHunt left the Broncos, and the NRL for AFL and money, how one can continue to support him is beyond me.

boulted.: RFU → Saints → Dylan → He Scores Tries.bergusia on April 14th, 2011 11:04 am (UTC)
(That's totally fine. Regarding the picture of Dylan you reblogged on Tumblr - he plays for England, but hails from New Zealand, and I said a while ago already that one day I'm going to wake up to the news that they were separated at birth. ;) How long's Greg still out for?)

Thanks, hun. I perfectly understand why you've joint Tumblr in the first place, but sadly when you're taking footy just a wee bit more seriously for footy's sake, you're being treated either like a freak or like a bitch. (If you like I'm going to send you a few links from friends of mine, who all have lovely blogs in their very own way. Haha, "if you like", that's gold. As if you had any chance to say 'no'. :P) Well, apparently he's not pretty enough, not flashy enough and also looks old. Whatever. Again, I completely understand you and your MO in dealing with Twitter, especially since I have to admit that I'm barely reading anything properly either. I usually just spew my own waffle out there, and if someone replies, fine, someone replies and we can talk, but other than that? Meh. I hear you on your watching habits, I'm actually really only watching the Roosters and Warriors games properly as well. I don't know if you've caught that tweet yesterday, but I've watched the Panthers v Raiders game, and I really just felt like stabbing myself. Bless the Panthers, I have nothing against them AT ALL, but my God, I was ashamed (and actually hurting) by what I saw from the Raiders. Plus, what on earth do you need a "legitimate reason" for? Legitimate to whom? You don't need to justify anything to anyone, and even if you had the time, you wouldn't have to watch ALL the games just to prove something. You are as passionate about footy and your team as it gets, and that's the end of it.

You're absolutely right, those are indeed two very different concepts. The only posters I have on my wall are large prints of photos I took in Toulon, Cassis, Paris etc., what does that say about me? ;) And yes, I remember you saying that. He's such a charming, lovely, beautiful man, and probably always felt like he needed to make everyone like him. Problem is, nobody cannot not like him, even if he tried. And when I look at how he carries himself in Warrington now, I think he finally got it as well. He's obviously still getting counselling, and I hope he's got someone good and honest and attentive who sees what his issues are, and what got him into trouble in the first place. I do believe you'd welcome SBW back, maybe not right away, but you'll come around, because even though what he did was despicable and absolutely disgusting, he's still a Bulldog and he's always going to be one. He can put on whichever other jersey he likes, that's never going to change. As for KHunt, he didn't even leave the NRL for the AFL and money, no, no. He left all of that for French rugby and money, convincing people up here that he was serious about playing rugby, when all he wanted was dip his mercenary toe into it, and when he didn't like it - I assume his lizard brain couldn't handle the language - then he left the Top 14 and the money for the AFL and money. And the worst part is, he sucks at it. Okay, the GC Suns suck as a whole, which is hardly surprising, and not even players like Ablett and Brown can make up for it, but KHunt really, really sucks. And surprise, surprise, as soon as there's head wind, KHunt looks elsewhere and has now been linked with a move to the Central Coast Bears if they make the NRL in 2013. What the hell is this? If a player is capable of leaving behind the most exhilarating experience you can have as a footballer in any code, and that is Origin, that is playing in an NRL Grand Final, he shouldn't be welcome anymore. I'd always question his commitment, I'd always question his passion for a game I sometimes get so worked up about I feel like I'm about to pass out or even die, and I'm not even playing it, I'm just watching. But that's the problem, we continue to support wifebeaters and codewhores, because that's how we roll. :S

(More Dylan/Beastwood icon love.)
17inthekennel17inthekennel on April 11th, 2011 03:42 am (UTC)
(And, I had to split my reply too, it was too long. God love our rants)

YES, and you may have seen my reply, that was the polite me, inside I was more like “Yeah I don’t care how much money you paid your players, the ref still gave your team some decisions that shouldn’t have gone your way. Maybe if you understood your footy more you’d realise how blatantly wrong some of those decisions were”. I absolutely hate it when people think the ref didn’t favour their team with decisions, on the very (extremely, if ever) occasion that the ref favours us, I admit that they did. Geez, it’s not that hard. I don’t think I know enough to judge, but as a fan who stuck it out through Salary cap scandals and Coffs harbour scandal and a wooden spoon, I believe I have the right to say that, they’re not true fans. It is an oxymoron indeed. And even if there were true fans, they’re not these girls that support over two teams. Ugh, that whole “oh you’re just jealous” thing is never ending, but it never ceases to piss me off either. No, I’m not jealous that you won the premiership twice with a team over the salary cap. Yes, and I feel bad because my club also went over the salary cap and got caught, but we copped it on the chi I guess.

Bahahaha, I love when Benji puts random opinions of his out like that. It’s pretty obvious though that people (even his own team mates) get frustrated with the shit Beau dishes out. Beau doesn’t realise that some of the stuff he says could actually be hurtful, I guess not if it’s occasional but how many players has he mocked so far? And I mean, even I got sick of the whole mocking Bulldogs’ fans thing, I don’t get how people aren’t getting offended by that. I don’t think Beau is Lebanese, and even if he was he has no right to generalise a race like that. Oh and when he asked Lote how it felt like to be the second best winger in the comp, and Lote asked him how it felt like to be the fourth best or something along those lines? I absolutely love it when these egomaniacs get a taste of their own medicine.

I love it when I get random comments supporting the Bulldogs when I wear my jersey or some kind of supporters gear. And sometimes even the negative comments make you realise how strong a supporter you are, not to bow down to stupid comments like that.

Hmm… I’ve never really understood cricket much, but there was a point where I nearly gave in and started to watch it, I might try it again :)
boulted.: Fashion → Running Through Waterbergusia on April 14th, 2011 11:57 am (UTC)
(See that? Splitting. Again. And I even had to edit out 400-odd characters out of the above reply, to get it posted. Ranting too much? Me? NEVER. ;))

One sentence describes this whole thing quite perfectly: what you deserve is what you get. If you and your fellow supporters have to deal with being called 'rapists' and 'gangbangers' for something that has actually never been proven, Melbourne supporters need to pull their heads out and face the music. They cheated, they cheated big time, and while I still don't believe they were/are the only ones, that's a fact, and we are entitled to be mad about it, because they screwed with ten years of what we believed to be fair and entertaining competition. And you are SO right, you've gone through an awful lot with the Bulldogs, and yes, you did cop it on the chin and tried to move on. You were caught cheating, but you didn't deny that, you didn't try to erase that chapter from your club's history, pretending it never happened, especially not since Todd's arrival, and you were severely punished. Melbourne whinge. And cry. And moan. And lie. And lie. And lie. And lie. And continue to lie. My Saints (the club the Beastwood look-a-like plays for) played in the Heineken Cup quarter-final on the weekend, and we won 23-13. Yes, we were the superior team, dominating in literally every sector of the game, but the last try we scored came after an obvious forward pass that was missed by the referee and touchies, and even though I'll obviously take the points, I feel uncomfortable about things like that, simply because us leading by only 16-13 with over ten minutes to go, who knows what could've happened? And I hate so-called "fans" who can't admit to things like that, you know? If one of my boys punches someone, I'm abusing him the loudest and filthiest, because seeing people I adore misbehaving sh*ts me more (and not less) than when players I don't give a damn about punch one of my boys. Does that make any sense?

That's actually something I'm seriously not getting. Why aren't the Bulldogs supporters up in arms over this stupid gimp? Once, twice, it was maybe slightly funny (even though I have to say that the only really, really funny thing he ever did was "Beau Knows Benji", at least for me), but this stereotyping is just ridiculous and well beyond insulting. And YES, it felt like I myself was slapping him with a rotten fish, it was awesome!

I'm loving it. ♥

I am telling you, it's a dangerous, dangerous thing to get involved in, but you'd be most welcome. ;)