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11 April 2011 @ 12:57 pm
You're not alone, together we stand  

Is it normal that I'm not disappointed after a loss? I don't even know how to feel about this all, not yet. Two losses. One against the Melbourne Storm, who seem to bloody turn up EVERY SINGLE YEAR with all their strength. The other, against the Dragons (whom I have finally considered our bogey team) in the rain. To be honest, I don't think our defense was overly poor, I think it was the attack that was horrible, today. The number of dropped balls was just so irritating, I get that it was raining, but some of the dropped balls were very frustrating to put it nicely. Andrew Ryan had a game he could really forget, he went off the mark before playing the ball when we got the ball after Dragons had a better possession rate, then he dropped the ball. Idris' defense, in my opinion has been pathetic of late, not that it's ever been flash. The only thing I like about his game is his size and that about three times in one game, he uses it to his advantage. Yes, he's talented, I'm not saying he's not talented, but he's lazy, especially in defense. Correct me if I'm wrong, but he has no urgency in his game, he literally stands around. I hate that. What slightly does disappointment though is that there are people volunteering to personally drive him over to Newcastle or the Gold Coast. I don't really think he's that bad. I mean, he had a corked thigh, and played on with it, and he is talented, you can't get that kind of talent out of just anyone. If we let him go because of a few flaws in his game, we will regret it, mark my words. I don't want to lose him and then look to his future team to see another Johnathan Thurston, I really don't.
What does disappoint me though is some of the "fans" that claim to support this club. We have lost two games to two very strong teams in the Melbourne Storm and the St. George Dragons. I get that they were both slightly poor performances, but I don't think they were anywhere close to shit. I think there is a lot we can do to lift, simple things. First, have a complete and fit team, including Josh Morris and Greg Eastwood. I know injuries should never be an excuse for a loss, but they are two very strong performers that have been sidelined by injury. Aside from that, a kick up the butt for... everyone basically, because for the last two games it seems like they have turned up with the "oh we'll win this" attitude, the exact same one that got us nowhere last season. And there are certain players that need to work on particular aspects of their game, for ease of memory, Jamal Idris needs to work on his defense, Bryson needs to work on... well almost everything (I love him to bits, and for those who know me know exactly how much I love him. But he has done nothing but deteriorate since 09, to the point that I don't think he'll get another contract from us should this one end. I don't want him to go, so he needs to improve) he's lost a lot of pace and urgency, seems to stand around a lot, and his defense is also getting sloppy. If the team was picked on form, he wouldn't be there, and that might even happen when Josh comes back, because God knows Tim Lafai deserves his spot in the 13. Other than that, really just the attitude needs to pick up, and that will change the entire team. We played with a positive "we need to play to win" attitude in 09 and that's what got us that far, even though our game plan was poor. This year, we have more depth and the talent to win the Premiership, I won't jump off a bridge if we don't win, but I think next year is our year. That is what I think, and I'm not entirely right, but I'm not entirely wrong either. The people that are demanding that the players offer an apology to the fans and the members of the club, they're wrong. Not just wrong, they're delusional. Yes, this is from The Kennel. Sometimes, I wonder if any of the boys read that junk, because it'd throw them off , really. Some of the most demeaning stuff is written on there, I mean some things are very supportive, but especially after yesterday's loss, it felt like I was reading a thread formed last season. Sack him, and him, and him while you're at it. He needs to go back to Toyota cup, and so does he. Kevin Moore needs to go. WE LOST TWICE. The thing that got me the most, "we, the fans and members deserve and apology from the club and the players. We sat out in the rain to watch their inept performance". I'd rather idiots like these not be members of our club than do so, I see why people complain about Bulldogs fans, some of them are the worst bloody supporters I've ever seen. So what you had to sit in the rain? No one was holding you down, right? Those seventeen men out there played in a jersey and shorts, in the rain, putting their body on the line for eighty minutes, and NO, they didn't have the choice to walk away. Why do these people even call themselves a fan, or become a member of a club for that matter? Someone enlighten me.
I'm obviously not happy about the last two performances, but I will assess the team, and start talking players needing to be dropped if we lose to the Eels. I don't want to jump the gun because we lost to two good teams. We look much better than last year anyway, and I didn't expect us to be going this well with such a harsh draw to start the season with. And I mean 3-2 isn't too bad. It's where most teams are at right now.
The other thing that I really wanted to mention is Twitter, and having so many of the Bulldogs boys on it. Yesterday, after that loss they all sort of tweeted at the same time, "Hate this feeling"- Trent, "The rollercoaster #depressing" - Dene, "Wow that sucked" - Bryson and "Wow the ups and downs of footy"- Steve Turner, and I just wanted to give all of them a hug. I made sure I tweeted each of them saying it's okay, losses happen and we need to win next week. I think the messages of support poured in, they tweeted their thanks and Trent Hodkinson even went as far as saying " Thanks for the support guys, great to know we have the best fans out there", this kind of stuff really makes me want to keep supporting this team. But there was obviously the idiots that said some stupid things, Ben Barba came out with "Remember it's only rd5!!!", I'm assuming some people sent him some exaggerated messages.
I really hope we win against the Eels, I hate losing against the Dragons, but if we lose to the Eels I will start to express my opinions as to who needs to be dropped. Boys need to aim up and fix the attitude. Injury wise, Josh Morris should be back round 7, fit and well, and I think Eastwood is round 9 (I can't wait that long, but if it means having him fit and better then :) )
On something other than football, Hawaii Five 0. I know I haven't made it obvious yet, but as time goes it will become obvious (maybe too obvious) that I absolutely LOVE this show. Last night's episode that aired on Australian TV was Hana 'a 'a Makehewa (Desperate Measures). It's the one where Chin Ho gets the bomb put around his neck and he can't move. :( It was so sad, I think I nearly cried, especially at the bit where Kono comes running to see him. I think it really just showed how much the team is willing to risk for each other. Hawaii Five 0 makes my Sundays much better.
PS: I just asked Bryson, as I'm typing this, when Josh would be back (he's eating sushi with Josh), and he said possibly next week (I don't know if that means this Friday or next week I hope it's this Friday. ) I miss Joshy, we really need him there.
Oh and just as I thought Tumblr was getting better, people I follow that follow footy (apparently) now love Justin Beiber, shall I go jump off a cliff or something, now ?

boulted.: Fashion → Fuck Off! (Hair)bergusia on April 11th, 2011 09:48 am (UTC)
I will read this again properly and comment on it and reply to your replies later today or tomorrow, I promise, but I just have to say this one thing: JUSTIN BIEBER. LMFAO!!

(And yes, I unfollowed her. That was just too much. I may be able to handle Beau Ryan, but no, no, no, no, no...)
17inthekennel17inthekennel on April 11th, 2011 10:20 am (UTC)
I nearly fell off my chair just then, laughing.
I'm going to very soon, hit the unfollow button. GAHHH. I would like NO Justin Beiber on my dash please. Even though I follow people who do like him, they don't seem to post a lot of pictures of him.
I was scrolling through then BAM! Justin Beiber, and I legit refreshed my page like three times, then realised it wasn't going to go away.
boulted.: NRL → BUL → Ennis The Menacebergusia on April 14th, 2011 01:27 pm (UTC)
One thing upfront, talent isn't everything. Whenever I read the word "talented" somewhere, all my alarm bells shrill, and I have to give my two cents on that. Talent doesn't win you anything, and it doesn't get you anywhere either. The only thing it does is it may enable you to learn things easier than others, but that's all. If you're not willing to work on yourself just as hard as anybody else, you'll always be a talented player that never achieved anything. For me, people with special talents or gifts carry a responsibility to take that talent and put it to good use, and not let it waste away. My favourite example for that will always be Todd and Mitch. Todd's got all the talent in the world, his arse has more talent than three Mitchs, but Mitch has to be one of the most hard-working players currently playing in the NRL. And it shows. Mitch can have quiet, rather average games, yes, but he's never had a game where you wanted to shoot him afterwards, because he's always trying his hardest, and then some. Todd on the other hand, because everything footy-related comes so easy to him, lacks that kind of special attitude, you know what I mean? You know I worship the ground he walks on, as a footy player of course, but I miss the mongrel. And I'm missing the mongrel in Jamal too. I wouldn't go as far as saying he's as talented as Todd (to be fair, nobody's as talented as Todd, not even Todd himself), but he's got more natural abilities than most of the players he's surrounded by. While that may have helped others in their career, I feel like it's hindering him, because despite me not being at training sessions with them, I can't rid myself of the feeling that he doesn't put enough effort into the entire thing. Some players have that "I'll play and give 200% and only walk off knowing that I've done exactly that - or because I died doing what I love.", but way too many players have adopted the "Why bother?" attitude, unfortunately even in footy. They get paid for playing footy, and when people adore them and make such a fuss of them (like with Jamal) over just the handful of highlights he's had so far in his still very young career, why should he bother putting his arse on the line every weekend, if he can get all the glory when holding back as well? Does that make sense, or have I rambled too much?

I love what you've written about people overreacting to your boys' two losses. First of all, how can they even call themselves "supporters"? Where I come from, Never-Neverland and all, support means being there for someone whatever happens, and not just being there to bath in the sunlight when things are going well and smoothly. Plus, you're not even in any kind of situation that would even remotely deserve to be called "bad times". You've lost two games. And you've lost two games to genuinely good teams with a genuine chance of playing in the Grand Final against each other, and not the sodding Cowboys. Does that warrant going bananas and ask for the coach to be booted and players to be demoted to the NSW Cup, seriously? I get that both games weren't god performances by the Bulldogs, and that fans do have the right to discontent with the performances, but that doesn't mean you should turn off your brain and start throwing shit around, eh? An apology for having lost two games? An apology for having had to sit in the rain? I mean, how much more pathetic can people get? It's disgusting, really. Bless your boys though for their attitude, for still interacting with you guys, even though they must be copping a great deal of garbage out there. ♥

I adore how much you adore the show, it's literally dripping from your words. And Danno loves Steve. :) And Ennis is staying put, like the good man that he is.