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27 August 2011 @ 04:07 pm
Negativity or me?  
Apologies for saying I'd be around more often but not actually being around more often. What can I say, I haven't really been in the right mood or had enough time to write entries. My mood is slowly on the mend (not that everything is helping the speed), but the "no time" factor sadly isn't going to get much better with all my midsemester quizzes on the horizon. 

I've cut off on social media in the past month or so, as I mentioned, I no longer have a personal Tumblr (I run one for my beautiful boys, where I follow about 2 other tumblrs, ones I know won't disappoint). So in other words, I'm no longer in the "Tumblr community", and I'm actually enjoying it. Not having to cringe at my dashboard, not having to feel like I'm drowning in negativity, and I guess also not having to see boys like Mick, Gallen, Benny get sledged on a regular basis. It really helps. Surprisingly, I have had people ask me to go back, don't worry I'm not that stupid, there's not much that's pulling me back at the moment. If I went back now, I'd most probably die from all the "OMG look how shit the Bulldogs are going" and all the other bandwagonning bragging. Bleh. Unfortunately, the negativity doesn't seem to be any less on twitter, or maybe it's just me? I don't mind if you rant a little, complain about your day, or do whatever you want, what gets to me is when people vaguely sledge. It's never sat well with me, and it never will, it was a leading reason as to why I left Tumblr, and now it's all over twitter. I won't be leaving Twitter though, because it's my only way to stay in touch with some really nice people, and my footy news. I will unfollow a heap of people it means that it's going to keep me going. I'm sure people will be disappointed, but I say this often and I mean it, I can be the biggest bitch if I chose to but I'm not. That doesn't mean I'm not allowed to get a bit frustrated, there are people that are swearing off their heads when the footy's on, regularly, and rightfully so, but they don't get anything said to them. When I decide that something is not right and choose to vent without even being as rude as others I get told to calm down. I'm not a mannequin, for people who know me I can get more aggressive than people who are constantly angry and rude. I feel like negativity is something that just fills every corner of the world right now. I know everything can't be pretty and lovely, but can't we do the best that we can to not errupt fights and arguments every two seconds over the tiniest issues? I won't ever understand what fuels some people to do some of these things. 

Enough whinging about other people. After not watching many NRL games other than my boys, the Cowboys, the Chooks and sometimes the Raiders, I decided to watch Manly and Melbourne yesterday (Don't ask why I did, I can't stand either of those teams). The game did three things for me really: it showed me that my boys aren't going as badly as I thought, we put in a pretty fair effort last week (I still have more to say about that game); it reassured me that Manly are a bunch or dirty, filthy shits that I don't have to stand and the biff! I missed out on how the whole fight actually started because ... I don't know it was just one of those moments where I wasn't actually paying attention then BAM! The funny thing is that the fight actually started out with two different players. I thought it was pretty square when Lussick got elbowed then hit the other player in the head, then they went on to slap each other in the face, they should have just let the ladies carry on. Everyone came in like any other biff, and Adam Blair decided that he was going to uppercut ... someone that was in the huddle. I don't exactly know how Glenn Stewart got involved but I think he punched Blair in the head. I do blame Adam Blair for being cheeky and running up to Stewart as he was sent off, but the rest was not his fault. The way Brett Stewart came in flying was nothing short of pathetic, I think a bit closer and he could have done some real damage to Adam Blair's head. The players off the bench and the officials from Melbourne stepping in wasn't really great on their part but then I don't think it would have happenned if Manly hadn't made it 5 on 1. Rugby league is a team sport, it's pretty natural to want to support your teammate when he's taking on 5 other people on his own, reasonable no? The sin binnings were reasonable in that if they sin binned Stewart and not Blair it would make things worse (I know what I'm saying, it was almost a replication of Corey and Hayne) but I don't think Blair should have been sent off. And with that, I think Glen Stewart is an absolute cat, I used to have so much respect for him (I'm being serious) but now I don't think I even have one drop of that respect left in me for him. Brett Stewart should have been sin binned for flying like that, I cringe every time I re-watch the footage at the possible damage he could have done. I am glad that these clubs are being investigated but only because officials got involved and made it all messy. To all those complaining that the boys should grow up, violence isn't an option, what are the kids supposed to think blah blah blah, this is rugby league, it's all about aggression, testosterone, mateship, defending one another and if it turns into a little biff enjoy. As for the kids, it's the parents that should be mentoring them about violence and the boys shouldn't have to play in dinner suits because kids are watching. If you want to see no contact, no violence sport, go watch netball :) We watch Rugby League because of the aggression, the passion, and the fair biffs that take place, without all that we might as well watch soccer. 

On the same game, I would just like to address the Manly banner that reads something along the lines of "we hate Gallop". Firstly, pathetic. Secondly, get over it. I know we hold grudges, I do too, but no need to make banners about it, no need to express public hatred towards the guy that's running the game. I don't like the concept of making a banner of hatred towards certain individuals unless it's in the name of rivalry. People on twitter decided to express their opinions and the sledging began, see what I'm talking about? Yes. On a more positive note,  the Melboourne players refusing to move because they feared for David Williams was great sportsmanship on their part and almost adorable, yes even Billy Slater, I went there. 

As for my own boys, I'm hoping that we beat the Knights and beat them well, and a nice win against Canberra. I'm not holding my breath over making the eight, I'd love to make it and get a chance, but we don't have Mick, Greg, and some of our other forwards, we're never going to have a strong enough impact to really do anything. Yes, that's me giving up on the season. Hey at least I'm not sledging the boys or making an idiot out of myself by asking for too much. I believe it is time for us to look on to next season, to figure things out, because right now even next year isn't looking too flash. We need to finalise a coach, I personally think we should give Jimmy another year. He has the qualities that we'd want in a coach, he's passionate, knows what he wants, has the footy brains, and most important of all, the boys seem to put in for him. I will be so filthy if the club flips on Jimmy and get's someone else in the coaching position even if we win the next two games convincingly, I'm sick of the club shafting loyal individuals for financial gain, or whatever. Jimmy just seems to have this spark of positivity and excitement about him, he absolutely loses if he's not happy, and gets all excited and happy if we win. I still can't get over that presser after the Parramatta game, he was beautiful. I'm also not really warming to the idea of losing Peter Mullholand, our recruitment officer, but I think there'll be a good enough replacement. I don't want to worry too much untill I see things actually happening. Squadwise, I constantly forget that we're getting James Graham next year, that should boost our forward power and add some much needed grunt. Losing Bobcat is going to cost us in the experience department, all those that think getting rid of him to bring all the juniors through is going to do immediate wonders are dreaming. I'll no doubt be bawling my eyes out next week as he stands on that podium and shares his farewell speech, he's one special man <3 We still need a five-eighth though, I want to see Joshy Reynolds get a fair go Kris Keating isn't it for us. Or even Romelo can get the gig if he can do the job well. I don't think anything else really needs fixing other than that. Our board needs people that won't open their mouths for a little bit of money and exposure, we're supposed to be a club. I'm not liking all the rumors of certain players being unhappy, but it seems to have cooled down and I hope the cooling down means something, positive. What I want is for Bobcat, Hodgo, and Benny to get a proper farewell, with a win, and for Jimmy to get the job for next year. He rejected a coaching offer from the Panthers to stay with us, if he can perform he deserves the job. All the best to the boys, it's time to rip in for your top dog. 

If my boys don't make the finals, I shall be cheering on the Cowboys, for selfish reasons :) Well, to be fair, I've always loved Matty Bowen, Johno Thurston is a great player, and Tariq Sims is just Tariq Sims. Plus, I don't like any of the other teams in the 8, that's how much I love NRL. Now I'm off to watch my boys play against the Knights and get Jimmy the job :) 
boulted.: NRL → BUL → Ennis The Menacebergusia on August 28th, 2011 10:52 am (UTC)
Sometimes I do wonder whether you and me wear signs on our heads that read "Retaliate. And comment on anything she says, she fucking loves it.", because that's how it feels sometimes. I have some really smart, informed people that value my opinion and even ask me for it and disagree with me in a respectful manner, and I still get so upset when some little girls have a go at me, and they don't even know what they're talking about, you know? Of course you do. Just yesterday, it was Finals Day of the Twenty20 competition, and my boys from Somerset were in the semis, playing against Hampshire, and the other semi was Lancashire v Leicestershire. I only said that if we don't make it, I hope Leicestershire will, because they deserve it as they are a small club, and I can't stand neither Hamsphire nor Lancashire. I get unfollowed for that, can you believe it? By some Lancashire supporting bitch. What is wrong with people these days? If I unfollowed every single person that was hating on the Roosters, Northampton Saints, Somerset and Collingwood plus Dylan Hartley (as many people hate him), I would probably only be left with five actual people among those accounts I follow (which would naturally include you). The sad thing is, you'd expect people to grow up the older the get, and it seems like it's getting worse. Or I'm just getting bitter and less tolerant with age, who knows.
boulted.: NRL → GCT → Birdy → State Of Origin ♥bergusia on August 28th, 2011 12:26 pm (UTC)
I wasn't watching the Manly v Melbourne game live - for two reasons, a) Collingwood were playing too, and b) I'd rather drink wasps - but of course I've watched the "relevant" scenes by now. Whenever those two play each other I really hope for some big punch-up, because I can't stand neither team and think in terms of grubbiness and lack of character, there aren't two other teams in the NRL that deserve each other more. I completely agree with you in blaming Adam Blair for sort of baiting Glenn Stewart when walking off, but what happened afterwards, calling it a "disgrace" doesn't cut it. Not at all. If I gave the smallest of shits over Manly, I'd die of embarrassment, and I simply can't understand how their fans can justify this. Just because Gallop suspended Brett Stewart for being drunk of his a*se at the season launch? And not because he was accused of rape? When will these idiots get it into their thick skulls already? Holding a grudge against Melbourne for cheating is one thing, but this garbage of "Everybody hates us and we love it" really goes beyond my nerves. If they loved it's so much and didn't care about being hated, they'd quit the paranoia and quit being whiny little shits and get on with it. But deep down inside, they not only don't love it, they also know that there's a valid reason why everybody hates them.

What you said about aggression and about role models for kids etc. is so true, it hurts. It reminds me of something Brian Smith said when he was still with Newcastle, something along the lines of "We can't fire them up to unnatural heights for the weekend, and then expect them to act like Saints in suits during the week. That is never going to work." - while I think that simplifies the obvious issues with footy players a bit too much, I do agree with it wholeheartedly. We watch this game because we want to see the big hits, we want to hear that sound of two front rowers colliding, we want a good piece of biff every now and then. And if parents aren't capable of explaining to their kids that when you see two people fighting, even if one of them is your brother, you shouldn't run in by the dozens and kick and punch someone who's trapped on the floor, then, well, you probably shouldn't have kids.
boulted.: NRL → SYD → All For One & One For All ♥bergusia on August 28th, 2011 12:45 pm (UTC)
I believe looking towards 2012 from now already, and making sure that everything is in place to prepare for a much calmer and through that much more successful season next year is the way to go. I'm still a bit at a loss for words when I think about what happened from where the Bulldogs were at the beginning of 2011 and the 'chaos' that followed. (I know, I'm hardly one to talk about chaotic clubs, but you know what I mean.) I perfectly understand you wanting to have the season end on a positive note and maybe even still make the finals, but the priority should be re-building. Or actually building, to be honest. While I personally don't like James Graham at all - he will forever be the loser that had a go at that organizing lady during the Four Nations that touched his arm to make him stop walking and get in line for the national anthem - , he's a tough enough workhorse to give the rest of the team the good kick up the backside they seem to be needing to get their stuff together properly. And just so you know, in my head, Bobcat isn't leaving. I'm that unwilling to accept it, so God knows, how you must be feeling, hun. ♥