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02 October 2011 @ 05:46 pm
Time heals all wounds...  
This is probably one issue in footy that I hold a very strong opinion for: the night that our strongest player decided to up and leave without telling a soul. People call him $BW, Judas, $onny Bill Williams, Money Bill Williams, Money Killed Williams, and whatever else, to me, he is just a pathetic excuse for a human being, nothing more, nothing less. Every time I see his face my blood boils to an extreme point, and every time I hear about him all I can think of is all the tears and the shattered hearts on that night and the weeks following. For anyone who says it’s easy to forgive and forget, it’s not. Not when I’ve cherished this kid and worshiped the ground he walked on because I loved him that much, only to have him disappear when we needed him the most. No, he wouldn’t have won us the premiership but for the kids coming through and for the fans to have Sonny Bill Williams stick around would mean… the world. As I and many other fans did, I’m sure the juniors lost a lot of respect for him the day he walked out like that, and as they say respect and trust take years to gain but seconds to lose. Till this day, seeing him play like he’s a saint makes me so angry, rightfully so I believe. This, I say with all honesty, I have never entertained the thought of him coming back to us. I’ve heard the rumors run rife that he’d come back to the NRL, no, I wouldn’t like that. Every NRL fan bar some would love to see him back in the game because he’s a good player (with his injury rate, I don’t even know anymore), even more, they’d kill to have him put on the jersey of their beloved club. It doesn’t work that simply for us blue and whites. When I woke up to that Daily Telegraph article I said what I normally say to myself when I read over hyped articles (read: any DT article), “it’s just rumors, they need to run the paper, they need to sell it”. For some reason that didn’t cut it, not this time. After seven or so hours I’m still thinking about it. Is it any different to the thought of him coming back to the NRL to play against us? It apparently is. The general consensus (as it would be) among fans is that they’d take him back with open arms, he’ll win us the games. Don’t get it wrong, they’re still hurt but I think for Bulldogs’ fans not seeing our team in the finals for two years in a row is a little hefty. Sonny Bill Williams, the prodigal son will come back and help us lift, that puts a warm feeling in the hearts of almost all fans.
Legally, he is bound to the Bulldogs till the 2013 season, and these talks are for the 2012 season. Now, we’ve only bought James Graham for the next season and lost Jamal Idris, Andrew Ryan, Michael Hodgson, Mickey Paea, Benny Roberts, and a bunch of fringe graders, where does the rest of the money go? This is the type of question that’ll plague my mind from now on till all of this is resolved. Unlike other Daily Telegraph articles this has direct quotes from Todd Greenberg, saying “time heals all wounds and we’d never shut the door on anyone”, “we don’t want to deal with his manager, we want to deal with him” and similar things doesn’t help my cause. I have trusted Todd Greenberg from day 1, simply because all he’s ever done has led to good results for the club, and the fans. If I go by what he’s saying, the club is considering bringing Sonny back, when Greenberg considers something and likes it he’ll give his all to make it happen. Slowly, I’m beginning to think about all the things this would do to us as a club. It could go two ways, he comes over and mucks around for a year then leaves us all shattered and broken in 2013 (I would hate this, but I’d be more prepared that ever for it) or he could well and truly be the prodigal son, come back and show us and the rest of the NRL that what he did was wrong and prove himself worthy of our love. I don’t know which would hurt more. After all the contemplation, I’m still wobbly as to how I would feel. Time does not heal all wounds, some wounds are not even healed in time, and whether this is one of those I know not. I understand why people would want him back in a way, we’re struggling, and he just being there would do some kind of magic for the team. People saying that all the players directly affected by his exodus are now gone are also making a point, just like those that are saying that he hasn’t ever really been happy, and if he is desperate enough to come back in two years then he must feel bad. However, that doesn’t mean that my heart saying that he’ll always be the coward that left us in the darkest of hours is wrong. Tossing between the emotional pain and the glory of victory I even had five minutes where I questioned whether supporting my club would ever be the same again. I feel as though if he comes back it will be a massive advertising boost (that sounds so shallow but meh, that’s all he’s probably useful for) for the club and maybe the tears and pain of 2008 will be back-benched. I feel as though he’ll come back and just be our Sonny again, we’ll have no say, no influence, he’ll just have the power. That, that just kills me. One man, so much power.
In saying all that, I have said from the start that I don’t believe this would have happened had Mundine and Nasser not come in. Sonny was a different person before Mundine camp, and became a completely different after it. If, and only if he cuts all his connections with Mundine and Nasser, I might consider taking him back. I still think I’m naïve as hell thinking that Sonny without Mundine camp would be our old Sonny. 

Onto a more positive note, THREE YEARS IN A ROW. Even though I couldn't cheer on the first grade boys in the grand final (or the finals!), I got to cheer these boys on. They are just as much (if not more) Bulldog as the first grade side, when Wright scored that last try I cheered like we had won the first grade grand final (even though I'm sure had we won the Grand Final I'd be bawling and screaming, and IN THE CROWD). These boys make me so proud. I'm glad we got to send Benny Roberts, Michael Hodgson, Brad Morrin, Chris Armit, Gary Warburton, Junior Tia-Killifi and Daniel Rauicava out as winners. They all deserved it. Like any other game of rugby league, I got quite frustrated at points, smashed my hand against the wall, the floor and painfully, several times against my legs. The thought of losing it all because of two points and Michael Lett's poor judgment really hurt, really really hurt. Seeing these boys celebrate made my day, even if Manly does win today (I hope to heaven they don't) this will be what I remember today for, these boys. Thankfully, Mozza didn't decide to fly over the trophy to get a last minute pose in for the cameras leaving the trophy in one piece. I'm still not willing to think about all the boys that are leaving and WON'T be in the blue and white next year.  

Finally, Warriors. If for nothing else, Warriors, do it for your brother, he'd be very proud. 

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