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30 March 2011 @ 10:40 pm
Hold onto a dream  
The NRL season for 2011 has kicked off in it's "normal" manner. Teams are winning, teams are losing. There's disappointment, there are surprises. There are injuries, there are suspensions. Nothing out of the norm. The only "out of the norm" that could be in the NRL is the disappointment of under-performance from a high quality team. The rest, is normal. It happens every year. Yet, the hearts of sports fans seems to cling onto the game that is rugby league.Why? It's simple,the 17 men that pull on their jerseys to play for the thousands of fans, and for a win. A true fan turns their television on every single weekend to watch the 17 men that they support take the field. Whether you support the Sharks or the St.George Dragons, a season is a season (okay maybe it's slightly different, but hey, St.George got their asses handed to them by the Sharks, so you never know), it brings hope, wishes and dreams.
I, an avid supporter of the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs have waited for the start of this season like any other NRL follower, impatiently. New boys, loss of experience and familiar faces, and the return of the "Beastwood". What was I to expect? Anything better than last year. please. What did I get? The chance to dream, maybe too far, maybe too unrealistic, but a retiring Andrew Ryan with a premiership trophy in his hands? Who doesn't want to see that? The way these boys have played so far gives me hope. We've been through so many good years with no premierships only to be followed by a very poor year. This year, there's a 2009 feel, the new boys are gelling well, the halfback is good, the halves are good, Josh and Bryson are on fire (Josh was on fire before he got injured, get well soon bb), Jamal Idris is on fire, Andrew Ryan's making line breaks, Ben Barba's on fire. I want 2009 to repeat, but with a trophy in Andrew Ryans hands, a smile on the players' faces, and the fans left with no voice, but tears of joy on their faces
Whatever the media says, whatever anyone else says, I want Andrew Ryan to retire a Bulldog. I know he played for Parramatta, but I don't even remember that anymore. To me, he is a true Bulldog, and if anyone deserves to win a premiership, it's him. Even if he decides to go to England I think he still deserves another ring. We couldn't send Hazem off with a premiership, but I hope we can send our captain off with one.
People telling me it's to early to think anything positive is going to happen this year (people on tumblr), how can you talk? Can you think? This is a team that I have spent years on end supporting, losing my voice for, cheering for, crying for and laughing for, why can I not believe that they will do well when we have won three out of three games ( the last time that happened was in 1995) ? I don't care if it was a joke, but I believe I have the right to dream as big as any other NRL fan.
I want a premiership. For Andrew Ryan. For the great individual that is Todd Greenberg. For the history. For the memories. For the veterans. For the supporters. For the Blue and white army. And to tell people that I CAN dream.
From kick off to the final whistle, I will be there, I will have faith in the 17 men that pull on the the Blue and White jersey every week. I believe this is the start of something special. And NO ONE can take that away from us.

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boulted.: AFL → Hawks → Buddy → Live What You Lovebergusia on March 31st, 2011 08:25 am (UTC)
F*ck people on Tumblr, really, what do they know? Since when do you have to have actual reasons to have hope, to believe? I saw that crap reblog, and it got my blood boiling, because isn't that what we all do? We win a few games in a row, we see beautiful football played, much more beautiful what our respective teams served us with in the last couple of years, and we start to believe that this year maybe could be different. Why shouldn't you be allowed to do that? I know that you don't let yourself be influenced by what other people say when it comes to your Bulldogs, and I'm very pleased about that, but I hate that you seem to have to defend yourself when you're not enough of a fan (whatever that even means) and you also have to defend yourself when you bleed your club colours. Why can't people just accept everyone else's opinion and feelings, and get on with it? Not that I didn't enjoy reading this entry of yours, of course I did. Because, you know, I get it. ♥ And yes, please, Bulldogs for Premiership in 2011 - for Bobcat, what a true, true champion.

(On a side-note, you might want to fix the HTML in this entry. The LJ cut goes nowhere because the text is before the cut, and the entire text is a link to the picture you used on top. Unless of course that's what you intended, then I'll shut up asap.)
17inthekennel17inthekennel on March 31st, 2011 11:00 am (UTC)
I'm starting to get really frustrated with both Tumblr (the system) and the people that use it. There are only a select few people that respect my opinion, even if it's just that I choose to follow the team I choose to follow. People expect me to go for the team that is "better" on the field. (Like the Melbourne vs Cowboys game, I was going for the Cowboys and people didn't like that. I was going for the Cowboys for an obvious reason, I want what's best for the Bulldogs) People on Tumblr, (honestly) bar you and me, watch the footy for the men. Not that we don't enjoy that aspect, but I am yet to meet someone on Tumblr who doesn't have a second team (Other than you and Kimberly). I don't get how you can have a second team, what about when they play each other. The other thing that shits me is the " I support this team because this hot guy plays for them" GAHHHHHH!!!! Beau Ryan is not HOT! (I think we know who I'm talking about), or even the whole, I hate this team because they're incompetent and shouldn't compete. I've actually been thinking about quitting Tumblr, I'm not sure. I'm on it less now, and I can't stand half the stuff on my dashboard.
If I don't support the Bulldogs "enough" I'll get "oh you bandwagoner", if I support them with all my heart, I get dirties. I'm fine though, it's just that people keep hacking at me for things that I've already cleared up through previous posts (eg. why I don't like Billy Slater, I've written three entries on that). And I know you get this a lot too.
If we win, I'll cry. If we make it to the GF, I'll be SO proud. Just hope it's not against the Dragons. But if Bennet leaves, no premierships for another 30 years :P

Thank you, I fixed it, Livejournal was down yesterday when I tried to fix it. It's okay now.
boulted.: Cricket → ECB → CK → Shades (Dhaka)bergusia on April 1st, 2011 10:26 am (UTC)
I'm really sorry that you're feeling this way, but of course I totally understand where you're coming from. Unfortunately it's the same rubbish over and over again. So what, if you were going for the Cowboys? The Cowboys have actual supporters and members and season ticket holders too. Are they all brain-amputees or what? I was going for the Cowboys too (even though I tipped Melbourne and even though I don't like the Cowboys in general and JT in particular), because I like seeing teams full of arrogant pr*cks like the Tigers, Storm, Dragons, Broncos getting served. Does make me a petty bitch? Probably. Do I care? HELL NO.

I don't know whether you've been on Twitter when I was "commentating" the Highlanders v Brumbies Super Rugby game, but yes, I tweeted "Jimmy Cowan, get in my pants!", and I meant it. But my heart was racing during the entire game, because I love the Highlanders as a team, and I want them to do well. Especially against a team full of arrogant pr*cks like the Brumbies. (Do we see a pattern here?) We can all gush all we want about the looks of players (or even coaches or referees), but that aspect alone shouldn't make us not care about the result of a game. When I read shit like "Yeah, we lost but I've seen XYZ shirtless, WIN!", I just want to stab myself, really. That. Is. Not. What. This. Is. All. About. You. Stupid. Bitches. And don't even get me started on the Beau Ryan worship. Can you believe that I'm not even watching the Footy Show anymore? it deteriorated into such a Benji/Beau/Parra wankfest, it makes me cringe. It made me cringe last year already, but this year, they've really taken the cake.

As for contemplating quitting Tumblr, I really wish you wouldn't, simply because I love your blog, I love having you around. it's easier said and done for nice and polite ladies like us, but may I recommend unfollowing a few people? If they unfollow you as well then, so be it. If they don't and keep reblogging your stuff and even attacking you - you won't have to see it, unless you want to and click on the reblog-note. What people still don't get is that saying that you don't find Billy Slater likeable is not the same as saying "Dude, that Slater is a shite player." - and even if you did say that, what business is it of theirs? Did they give birth to him? I've asked you this before about Jarryd Hayne as well, remember? Justin Carney saved a woman's life too, did you read that? A mother, even. Did you see the coverage he gets? Do you remember the coverage that cunt Hayne got? Disgusting. And this is why people hate on players like Hayne, Slater, Marshall etc., because they get all the glory for doing what's right, for doing what's decent, you know? While I'm not a religious person myself, we do have a saying in Islam, that says that you should do good with your right hand and not let your left hand know about it. I love that. Do it like Bobcat or like Luke Lewis (Bless him.), do good and be content with the reaction you get from the people you're helping, and not broadcast it. Wow, I've been ranting a lot today. In short, please don't leave, instead click the "unfollow" button. ♥

And his little dog (no pun intended) Darius following him around everywhere, what is this? ;P

(You only need to close the "center" thing now as well, and you're good. ;) I'm so sorry about this, I'm a bit OCD when it comes to layout, I really should learn to control that. *rolls eyes*)
17inthekennel17inthekennel on April 1st, 2011 12:10 pm (UTC)
I'm getting over it slowly (like I always do). I just don't like how they can hate a team because they're "incompetent" or "shit" but I can't dislike players because I believe they are arrogant. Double standards really piss me off. The same hate is dished out to the Sharkies, that's why I want them to just win, and to be honest, they can take a premiership with they're at it. If it means that all the little idiots will shut up, then they can take it. I LOVE seeing the Storm, Dragons, and all the "good" teams get pumped, it's fun.

I saw that tweet. It's okay. I mean, I think a whole heap of boys in the NRL are good looking (Lewis Brown, Mick Ennis, Ben Roberts, Bryson, Tommy Learoyd Lahrs, and I could go on and on), but that's not why I watch the game, and certainly not why I love the Bulldogs. Yes, once i started supporting the Bulldogs I found more of their players attractive, but that's for different reasons. I DO NOT get the Beau Ryan fandom, or whatever the hell it is. He is 1.Ugly (from the inside, and little bit from the outside. Being offensive is not funny) 2. Racist (Is he of Lebanese descent? or Muslim? even if he is, mocking other people's culture is not funny either.) 3. Shit player (so he should technically not be so hyped up, this is NRL not a TV drama). I didn't ever really watch the footy show, I watch the Sunday footy show, and the roast (but even that's getting annoying). They're more footy based rather than stupid skits and crap.
I don't know about quitting Tumblr. I guess I can still express my feelings and ignore the bitches. And unfollow. It's so hard for me to unfollow people, I don't know why. I unfollowed the Roosters bandwagoner though ( I think you know who), it was getting too annoying, and she unfollowed me. Yes, and how many times have I cleared up that I respect their talents (other than Hayne because I reckon he's overrated, doesn't turn up half the time) ? Everytime I have mentioned that I don't like them. OMGJLKJLKJLK!! I saw that story, I think that deserved more reporting than the Hayne whatever automobile he is this year. For someone to risk their own life when they aren't even confident about being safe themselves, to save someone else's life, that's amazing. The media wankfest has made me hate half the players I hate today. I get what that saying means, and I studied Islam as a religion and came across that quote, I thought it was very relevant. I love it when they just go and do things that are so sweet, and don't let the media know. If Hayne wanted to do it, he would do it and not let the club know, once you let the club know it get's splashed all over the media. Ranting's good. :)
PS: I found someone with Nepalese background on Tumblr, I'm very surprised. (that was so irrelevant )
Darius Boyd needs to grow up! (we both hate him right? just checking) He is trying to get the best out of his career, I get it, but he needs to stop following Bennett around at one point and develop his game himself.
Fixed it, I think. That's okay, I don't like when things go weird either.

PS: I like reading your rants, they make so much sense and all I can do is nod my head. So, I don't really mind them being long, because I know mine are long too :)

Just on a side note, I was so upset (I don't know if it's me being naive) that people didn't pay attention to the fact that it's Hazem's birthday today. Some Bulldogs' supporters didn't know, some didn't care, only Kimberly retweeted my wish post. I realise how low these people are. When it's Daniel Conn's birthday or Darren Lockyer's birthday my dash is COVERED in wishes, Hazem is no less if not greater than both of them. People piss me off. I'm sorry.
boulted.: Fashion → Fuck Off! (Hair)bergusia on April 2nd, 2011 11:22 am (UTC)
Yeah, I totally get what you mean. And please, hating a team because they're shit? Seriously? As if all the Big Teams™perform on the highest of all high level during all 26 rounds, of course. It's that kind of logic that makes me want to turn off sports for good, because I feel like I can't handle the stupidity. And yes, PLEASE, Premiership for the Sharks, where can I sign up for that?

You're very right, but for me it's also a case of knowing more about players and watching them more closely, seeing more of the man behind the player that makes them attractive to me, if that makes any sense. As for Beau Ryan, I don't even know where to begin, really. It might look like I'm somehow having it in for him, but you put the reasons together quite perfectly. He's an ugly, incompetent, insecure bully, and I'd really like to know what the deal with him is. Is he that rich that he bought his way into the Footy Show? Does he know Russell Crowe, and he bought him into the Footy Show? Surely, we can't be the only ones who feel offended and annoyed by him in particular, and cringe at the Footy Show in general, no? But I feel like saying that things about the show, including Beau, annoy you is highly uncool, so nobody says it out loud, even though they think it. I bet. Did you ever tune in on 'Game Day'? I can't really digest any of the voices of those involved, but I love the footy talk, I really do. The interview with David Gallop in the first show was amazing, really. But I hear you on the Sunday editions, those are the ones I enjoy watching too. (I also prefer Sterlo to Fatty by lightyears, lightdecades, lightcenturies... Surely, you get the picture.)

I can't quite do it either, but I've managed a selected few. And those apart from the Beau Ryan Shrine aren't really that annoying, and aren't those either of us are referring to, I think. Does she even still have Tumblr? I think she deleted it and her Twitter, and then made a new Twitter - and probably deleted that again, not too sure. But I perfectly understand that you couldn't take it anymore at some point, I mean what was that all about anyway? I remember when Toddy was her life and shit, and when she made a new Twitter he didn't even make the shortlist... Okay then. (I love the idea of you having known that saying already.) What made me even grumpier about the whole Hayne thing was how his father got involved in the entire thing, and was actually the one doing the broadcasting. ARGH. And yes, Justin not being a water person at all made the risk he took even greater. At the end of the day, they saved two lives, and we should be grateful for that. End of story.

(That's not irrelevant at all. I assume finding people with Nepalese background doesn't happen too often, right? So, yay!)

We both hate him alright, arrogant douche. The thing is, he's supposed to be moving to 5/8 soonish and become the new Darren Lockyer for the Broncos and Queensland (with all my criticism towards Lockyer, that's just blasphemy), and I can actually see him do well there (just like I would suggest a move to 5/8 for Hayne as well), but if they're so sure about that, why hasn't that been done yet? Darius could show Jamie Coward how it's done in the #6 jersey at the Dragons too, no? Or are they keeping him at fullback to sort of preserve him for the farking Ponies?

P.s.: Bless you. x

Just so you know, I didn't remember Hazem's birthday by myself, but I read your reply and did a rank Photoshop job and posted that for you. Because I think of him, and I think of you, and I wonder why good people don't get the praise and recognition they deserve. And don't apologize, you have every right to be pissed off.
boulted.: Cricket → CA → RP → Whoops!bergusia on April 1st, 2011 10:27 am (UTC)
Man, that's not a reply, that's a bloody novel! Sorry. :S